General Info

Singh Nano Week 2016 – Where Nanotechnology Meets Innovation will be held at the Singh Center for Nanotechnology, located on the Campus of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA on October 24-27, 2016. This conference will bring together individuals from academia, government, industry and investment around the Mid-Atlantic Region to discuss and showcase the current work being produced at the Singh Center, along with the latest in nanotechnology innovation in medicine, consumer products, industrial products, and green technology. There will also be a strong emphasis on nanotechnology entrepreneurship, which will culminate in an elevator pitch showcase by the winners of our 2016 Seed Grant Competition.

This year’s conference is broken into 3 industry days and 1 student day, as follows:

Day One: October 24th – Singh User Day: Highlighting the work specifically being performed by current internal and external users and customers of the Singh Center, along with guest speakers to discuss the environmental impacts of nanotechnology.

Day Two: October 25thNanomedical Day: Showcasing how cutting edge nanotechnology is being used in a variety of medical applications from Cancer Treatment to Diagnostics and Drug Delivery. There will also be multiple talks on how technology can successfully be taken from the lab through FDA approval.

Day Three: October 26th – Student NanoDay: High school classes, undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs and faculty participate in exhibits, demonstrations, tours, posters and talks throughout the University of Pennsylvania.

Day Four: October 27thNanovation Day:  A showcase of how nanotechnology is making its way into our daily lives, while highlighting the current resources available to those trying to take their innovations and turn them into businesses.

Each of the Industry Days will include various speakers and panels on topics showcasing nano-innovation, nanovation, with a targeted expo showcase and a networking cocktail reception.