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Singh Nanovation Sponsorships 2017On behalf of the Singh Center for Nanotechnology, I am pleased to inform you about our 2017 annual Singh Nanovation Conference – Where Nanotechnology Meets Innovation to be held at the Singh Center for Nanotechnology located on the Campus of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA on October 17-18, 2017. This conference will bring together individuals from academia, government, industry and investment around the Mid-Atlantic Region to discuss and showcase the current work being produced at the Singh Center, along with the latest in nanotechnology innovation in medicine, consumer products, industrial products, and green technology. There will also be a strong emphasis on nanotechnology entrepreneurship, which will culminate in an elevator pitch showcase by the winners of our “Big Ideas though Small Technology” 2017 Seed Grant Competition.

This year’s conference is broken into four content blocks, as follows:

Advances from the Singh User Community: October 17th (afternoon) – Join us as we hear firsthand about some of the cutting edge research taking place at the Singh Center on a daily basis

How Nanotechnology is Changing Medicine: October 18th (morning) – From microfluidics to cancer treatment, researchers throughout our area are using nanotechnology to better understand how our bodies work and to help us live healthier lives

Nanotechnology in Energy and the Environment: October 18th (afternoon) – With new materials and better batteries, nanotechnology is helping power our future  

Nanovation: October 18th (evening) – A showcase of some of the Mid-Atlantic’s most promising Nanotechnology Startup Companies, along with 2017 Singh NanoArt Exhibit and Competition

As this conference brings together large portions of the community and allows for high visibility, we have identified a number of sponsorship opportunities that may be of interest to you. Please review the information below and join us for this important opportunity to engage in discussion with the Mid-Atlantic Region’s innovation leaders.

For more information, please contact us at info@nano.upenn.edu.

Singh Center for Nanotechnology